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Who We Are

We're Creative

Our team is made of young, energetic professionals who view everything from a fresh perspective. Team members have an average experience of 5-7 years, and have had hands-on experience in creating some awe-inspiring designs and animations. Be it standard web design, a cutting-edge parallax page, 2D-3D animation, apps design and development, and UI/UX development, our creative team has the right talent, gears and approach to make it happen for you.

We're Professional

With creativity comes responsibility and we take responsibility just as serious. We’re dedicated to deliver the best solution for our clients and deliver it on-time. We work strictly on deadline basis and take every project as our first and produce the best result that could be expected. From sign-up to project completion, our step-by-step, well-defined process not only helps us get the job done right, but also helps our clients understand what goes where and what the secret behind their would-be successful asset is.

We’re Cost-Efficient

With our expertise, experience and get-the-job-done attitude, we’re also competitively priced, and among the most cost-efficient team in the industry. We work out a cost model for each project that come our way and to keep our cost minimal, we have our creative and technology staff people trained to take care of project management and client relationship. The team is also cross-trained, making our arsenal ever-ready and affordable.

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How We Work

Speaking Colors is a non-conventional business setup where the collective motto is ‘Creativity is Key’. Our team strives to deliver the best, sometimes even at the cost of profit. The team is predominantly made of young professionals who are in it to learn and explore and this comes as an advantage to all of our clients as we are more output focused than business focused. Our services stack cover most of what’s needed to make it big in the digital world and we keep adding more skills every day. We do not fear taking up on a challenge and we never say no to a new idea or requirement.

Talk to us and tell us what you need and we will equip ourselves, if we already do not have the skills, and deliver it. Be it something that is already listed on the site or something brand new and daring, we will look at it with fresh, hungry eyes and will step in to do our magic. !


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